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The forest cooperative “Provence Forêt” was found in 1997 by 18 forest owners who represent each department of the Provence-Alpes Côté d'Azur (PACA) region. In the beginning of the year 2014, more than 2 600 adherents compose the Cooperative which manage about 110 600 hectares of private forest.

In PACA region, “Provence Forêt” cooperative:

  • represents a technical support for the private forest management
  • develop many community actions, in particular with the small forest ownership
  • is essential in private forest management for the private owners and community
  • works to develop new regional activities and focus in particular on the biomass energy which currently know a huge development
  • improve the private forest management because base on sustainable protocols
  • promote the sustainable forest management by strictly respecting the forest laws and being standards ISO 14 001 certified

“Provence Forêt” cooperative headquarter is situated at Aix en Provence (south est of France), in “Europôle de l'Arbois” area. The forest technicians are scattered on six departmental offices (Aix-en-Provence, Dignes-les-Bains, Gap, Lambesc and Le Luc en Provence) who 9 are recognize as professional forest managers (28 employees).

The Cooperative owns a 17 years experience in forest management and:

  • become more and more famous from the forest owners who know and recognizing the services quality
  • is also recognizing from diverse rural space management organizations and stakeholders
  • represents the forester enterprises supplier which now consider the Cooperative like an essential part of their activities
  • is recognizing from every levels of the public authorities

From the management to the forest protection, “Provence Forêt” offers a wide range of services in order to provide the silviculture but also the social, touristic, environmental and pastoral aspects.

Close to the territory, forester enterprises and the forest owners, the technical team guarantee the quality of the service provide.

The Cooperative works hard to find solutions to the Mediterranean forest management.

As an example, only for the year 2012, you will find some results for the 15 technicians team:

  • 157 news adherents
  • 26 sustainable documents made which represent 2 418 hectares
  • 121 forest plot manage with high quality restriction (represent 2 021 hectares)
  • 50 technical support operations (studies, field works and expert assessment)